Oct 8, 2009

Missed my blog, And my Friends

Everyday when I was about to snuggle into my bed for the dreams to catch me up, I used to think, is today the day to rejuvenate my blog to bring it to life again? Want was high but somehow it got procrastinated again and again, but today I will break the ice. The thoughts accumulated everyday; there were millions of them which I wanted to share.

The past few days were seemingly quite rough for me. First reason that I dedicate to that attribute was due to my disturbed body clock. I slept at 4 in the morning and was waking up at 1 past noon. The past routine had made the timings so firm that even if I tried to sleep at around 1 in night, I would still end up jostling for the next three hours. Insomnia was finally put off by the wonder medicine "sleeping pill".

The second reason is primary and more influential than the one already mentioned. And the one involved (I won't say culprit) is not me but you, because I miss all my friends. Be it Fidelis or NIEC or ICC or CL or Orkut or any other social point, each of them had given me a reason to live for. I wonder how time changes everything, professionalism overshadows the socialism. Everything seems to be put on overdrive. 24 hours dont seem enough, it won't ever be even if god made it 48 hours a day! I miss all my friends, most of them are out of Lucknow, and those in Lucknow are busy with their daily chores. But whatever be the reason, one thing I know for sure, they are always close to my heart...oops sorry YOU are close to me (I forgot YOU all are reading this post already).

Last but not the least reason is that I hate this city life, I want to be close to nature and I cannot see any part of nature from my window, can just see smoke, hear the horns, feel the hatred brewing in the heart of people. Although I try to be happy just by playing the beautiful moments of the past, thinking of the rain and smelling the mud, hearing the drops when they mention their joy on meeting the earth again. I miss the most beautiful part of nature, the animals, dogs, cows, birds, etc; I like them all no matter if they are strays. More I will discuss about this in my next post, for the moment bye to all!

Luv Everyone!

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