Feb 27, 2010

Abeyance and mind blogging...

I know I could not keep my promise, I know I stayed away for too long from my dear blog... Hey I am not saying this to anyone out there reading my blog but also to my inner self - my soul who urges me to blog, my mind which makes up a blog title and writes down an entire blog post before I go to sleep. It has been my life... really!

When you feel strangulated in this world a blog gives you the freedom to vent out your anger at your opponent in the best possible verbosity, you can swear at anyone. You can list out what you feel for your country and its most corrupt and chauvinistic leaders.

Every small thing that you encounter in life takes a chunk of your life away with it and giving the essence of an associated feeling, this feeling whatever it may be negative or positive need to be listed so that the people associated with it can know if they went wrong anywhere and retrospect themselves or know that how much they are valued by someone other.

So much is going in the world today, so much to mention.... will be back...May the God be with you all...

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