Jan 15, 2009

Introduction to Email Spoofing

Day before yesterday while I was making a website and was just sort of trying out things, when, I found a way to spoof e-mail. Though I heard about email spoofing from way back in time but had never been so close with it. It happened totally inadvertently.

The instant I found out that I could send an email to anyone with anyone's email address I did have a feeling of "Power", but this feeling was short lived, Mainly because I was stung by the fact how these glitches can be misused by people with evil minds. Though I explore these kinds of things but yes I never see them as features for taking undue advantage over others, I just like to keep my knowledge about hacking techniques for defense purpose. Also previously about 2-3 years back I designed a web page for educating masses how to prevent giving themselves to Phishing. It was an Orkut lookalike sign in page but many people thought it as a Phishing page itself!, haha, anyways!

Below is the image in which I emailed myself and showed as if the email had come from billgates@microsoft.com

Do give your take about Internet vulnerabilities...

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