Dec 29, 2008

When something touches your emotional side you see nothing else

It is 11:50 in the night, uptill an hour ago and I was raging in anger after seeing the spiced up story posted up on the C2W blog and seeing my comments and comments by those who supported me being deleted on that blog, my mind was constantly speaking with me on what was correct and justified, but just a few moments back I saw a message by rahul242424 on my C2W message board that he by god's blessing's got a 1 month old baby and swear by it that he hasn't done what I pointed out in a recent post.

You know we all value our opinions and always try to stand by it, but for me my opinions are less valuable as compared to my feelings for others. He just by saying that he "swear by his baby" has touched my emotional side, I felt like crying on seeing that message. What I felt was that my soul telling me that please dump this issue you cannot give so much pains to a newly made father, he is undergoing such an important phase in life.

Lets say it was a reason-X that has brought us so much far from human feelings. Nobody knows what this "X" reason was, it can be me forgetting to add enough questions, could be rahul mistakenly deleting my questions, could be a computer error, could be what God desired...anything. I was adamant to carry on with this issue but I am not a sadistic person who gets pleasure by inflicting pain on others. If you give pain to others the thoughts afterwards torture you more than what any physical harm can do.

Now after seeing his message I have replied him back and now my conscience is speaking to me like "oh Rahul please come online and see my message, I dont want to make you upset". And seriously I feel like I am too tired and want to sit on a chair, but the chair is adorned with many needles(just comparing the state of my mind at present).

Lets all pledge to be more amicable and frank in our life, Problems should be taken into consideration as soon as they occur, if they are given time to develop then it would even take more time to bridge(eliminate) them together.

Now I really want to give the prizes I won to rahul, earlier it was as a feeling of attitude, now it is more as a feeling of gratitude and my hearty wishes for his newborn baby.

phew!!, I am too tired to type more, my vexed mind needs some time to relax, it feels like my brain is just tearing apart, so much pain that it's unbearable, really!

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