Dec 23, 2008

Technology Getting Into Our Heads

I've been always using my internet for making money, but lately since my laptop's wifi died due to reformatting of the OS, I am therefore left with no other option to use internet than to be back thriving on my desktop. There is a rule of life that if there is any good and better thing and an ordinary one, mostly individuals go for the better one. Same is the case with me, the laptop(gifted by my brother as he got one more from his company) slowly began developing interest in me.

I remember when the booting in desktop took nearly 4 minutes and shutdown about half of it. But when I switched to the laptop the booting and processing times decreased gradually. Earlier days of the laptop and I was using laptop for casual surfing and desktop for work, but slowly as development work slowed down I began to be more often using the lappy. After few days of using the laptop the desktop was nearly abandoned by me, only got started when my father had any work on it.

But there have always been technological problems on my systems, when Laptop was on the desktop's internet connection wont work, So when papa was using internet I had to play those monotonous games on my system(codename eagle, just flying the airplane and performing aerobatics, crashing, takeoff, landings...repeatedly). But still it was ok with me.

Now the things have changed, as the LAN & WLAN adapters aren't getting detected on lappy so to be on desktop is only option for me at this moment. When good things turn worse, it irritates. The cyber world has again got slow, the internet is too spasmodic. The Technology is really getting into our heads.

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