Dec 7, 2008

About Me

Though this blog has been made the most toughest part is to decide from where to begin. I presume this will be a temporary issue and the flow of thoughts will eventually smoothen out.

I am Ankit Bhatia, a person who has a heart full of love for nature, mostly truthful and have a kind heart for everyone except for those who harm nature and those who think materialism is worth more than morality. I am a strict lacto-vegetarian and moreover also promote vegetarianism whenever get a chance to.

I used to think that I am very emotional, but after much retrospection I came to a conclusion that I am not emotional for what the world shed tears. I do not have any specific feeling when I see any death but rather the pain anyone undergoes makes me emotional. When I see little children on streets asking for alms or a dog writhing with pain after an accident it brings tear to my eyes. I know the world might not be able to justify my feelings but the main aspect is that these are my feelings and I cannot change it.

I love technology but lately I have started to feel the world without "intense" technology would have been better(Pardon me but I am still using this laptop!!). I am a thinker, would keep on thinking about incidents and "what could be" "what should be" "why did they" blah blah these types of queries surround me.

I do not believe in life after death but I want to live forever. I used to write poems earlier but have been out of streak for quite some time. I feel the urge to write songs although never gave it a try.

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