Jun 5, 2010

My First Successful Sting Operation: Culprit Caught Red Handed!

 We often see on tv politicians and ‘stars’ caught red-handed by sting operations, casting couch, etc. But we never explore our thoughts to think if it exists in our life as well. I thought of giving a try to this possibility and what results I got were shocking, I could not believe what I saw, read on to know what happened…

 Papa had gone to haridwar for some rituals for the peace of my badepapa’s soul who departed from us about a fortnight ago. In the house were three of us: myself, mummy and Rashi bhabhi. Mummy and Rashi bhabhi decided to go to kapoorthala for shopping. As they went away, I went to 1st floor of our house to do the usual computer related activities.

 Meanwhile I was interrupted by the bell. As we have a joint family system and have two houses, we have kept both the house conjoined back to back, accessible by the doors on the service lane and a bell on either side. I went and opened the door and it was our soft spoken maid(I will not state her name to malign her reputation for ever so take her name as ‘Maid R’ ) who was standing there. She asked where is ‘aunty’, I told that she has gone outside the house, now she asked which place, I thought that it was just a usual question by a nice family maid, So I replied that she has gone for shopping to the Kapoorthala Market.

 As soon as I finished this little talk I stated to climb upstairs presuming that she might have come to do some kitchen work or so. As soon as I stepped on the 1st floor I heard the sound of our almirah(cabinet) which has that peculiar opening and closing shrieking sound. As the sound came in softly to the ears, I went casually to see downstairs.

 As I came below I asked what happened, Maid R came outside chaiji’s room and said nothing happened, and when I asked what sound came she replied - lad gayi(just collided by mistake). I said ‘lad gayi’?, anyhow I was thinking about what had happened and decided to stay there. I  switched on TV just to appear busy.

 Then started the moments which began showing her in a hurry, she would come again and again and take something with her to the other house, first flour , then tomatoes then something else, Each time I closed the backdoor thinking she has done the job. Then when I was annoyed by again and again opening the door I said in a bit harsh tone – ‘ek baar mein hi leja sab’ (Take everything you want once and for all!). Then when she went away last time, I closed the door and went to chaiji’s room and inspected the locker, I found that the door of locker was not fastened.

 Meanwhile mummy and bhabhi came from the market. Maid R again came and urged them in a persistent manner that food is ready in the other house and badimummy is very hungry so come fast to eat, she was not even giving a second to think so mummy went with her to our other house. Meanwhile bhabhi was also preparing to go there when I just softly asked bhabhi to come upstairs, I silently asked her to inquire privately to mummy if she locked the locker when she went away.

 Maid R earlier was quite rushing to make everone come to the other house, she was also looking a bit foolish when she was closing the door of the bathroom as if to show how much she cared for the house, she also said in a caring fashion for me that ‘bhaiya ko tamatar pasand hain’(I like tomatoes), blah blah… As I mostly bath in the afternoon time I didn’t go with them and decided to take a bath and then go for lunch.

 As I was bathing, Maid R was constantly ringing the bell, when I was annoyed I called up bhabhi and said please let her know that I am bathing. When I was about to leave for lunch I thought to keep the mobile to capture video in chaiji’s room coz my sixth sense was pointing it to me that Maid R will come back as she might have forgotten to keep the locker open.

 When I went to badimummy’s house(130 Chandralok) Maid R was trying every possibility to come back to 268 Chandralok(house in which cabinet was present), sometimes she would go to take the plastic waterglasses. Finally she got her chance when sweetie didi asked for juice and mixer wasn’t working in 130 Chandralok. She went and mummy also went with her, when the work was done she asked mummy to take the juice for the ever restless didi.

 When we all ate the food I came back to check the video, and shockingly found that she indeed came back to lock the locker. The video(what I have uploaded is a clipped version) showed that as soon as mummy left she hurriedly entered the room, picked up keys from the floor, locked up and went. She came in again and it appeared she placed something or picked up something on/from the table. As the room was not lit properly and a cloth had come infront of the camera it could not be made out what she placed or picked.

 Anyhow we all were quite shocked by this incident as the Maid R is quite soft spoken and is even younger to me, and she is sometimes given charge to take care of the house in our absence! Previously other people have also complained about her, and mummy once caught her in an offensive position with a male helper, and many other times by her suspicious activities. My mother also found the money a bit less many a times when she opened the locker. And with the ease that she came and lock the locker shows that how acquainted she was with it.

 It is not shocking so much for that a maid is stealing but more outrageous because it is a hard time for our family and for a maid that is taken care of by even educating her, it was simply indigestible. My Badepapa even made sure that her sister who was working earlier in the house had a decent wedding. It had immense impact on my belief of having faith on any person, but anyhow I do still believe that faith should still be kept on people because all people should not be ignored just because of misdeeds of few back-stabbers! Also please reward people who are honest otherwise honesty will die slowly...

 Moral to give: Please do conduct sting operations by deliberately placing some moolah and see honesty of your helpers! Don’t trust blindly and be alert.


sanjib said...

dnt trust nebody blindly.no1 is trustworthy. nt even close frnds n loved one.(personal view).by d way is she stil wrking in ur house?

ankit bhatia said...

Hi Sanjib, first of all thanks for going through my blog :)

Yes I agree it takes a lifetime to understand a person completely.

Yes, she is still working in the house and we have still not made her know that she has been caught stealing, it's actually our need coz as badepapa expired badimummy needs some support currently coz as badepapa was an MP so guests keep coming.

ankit goel said...

hey nice blog

but if u think from a different angle and chk the video again then i guess that it cannot be sure from the video whether she was stealing anything or just performing some task given to her, it might be a case that her BOSS has asked her to lock the almirah.... u can say that she has stolen because u r the victim but video doesnt say anything.. no offense..

tanmoy said...

bro dat sanjib is me.

ankit bhatia said...

Ohh Tanmoy dear, fine! fine!

ankit bhatia said...

Thanks ankit goel for your comment, well I know the video is not too good in quality provided for that fact that I was just suspecting her, and for the first time in my life did this type of activity just to check the results without proper setup.

However I must state here that there is no 'boss' in the house, we have only put her for the job, and also she came just to lock the locker back again so that nobody suspects her, and if it was some job why did she do it just as my mother left the house, also why was she so scared so as to not to let anyone enter that room!

Also to add I must point out that my mother found the money a bit less many a times, many articles from our home disappeared. So it was necessity of the day!

Thanks for going through it and apologizes coz I know video quality suck!

ankit goel said...

hey ankit bhatia.. i dont want to say that there was anything wrong in ur efforts for sting operation. neither am i saying that ur maid dint cheat u
my point was simple that this video doestnt say anything by itself.. see the video without reading ur blog and u will identify nothing in the video. its just that ur blog have created a background which gives the idea,while watching the video, that the maid had cheated u .

P.s. dont misunderstand me.. all i want to say that the video must have much more information if u or me want to prove somthing like this.. hope u get my point. :)

ankit bhatia said...

@Ankit Goel

Ohh, ok, fine... Got you now; Yeah I agree to that!

ac said...

yuppp....not all but generally maids r like that only...even my aunt had caught her maid red handed...she was taking money out of her purse....but she was fired...

Anonymous said...

Dear writer, when u say that u went to "1st floor of our house to do the usual computer related activities" did you go to see porn?

ankit bhatia said...

We should always try to know if there is any problem in their family or they are stealing deliberately.

It irks me if they are treated well and they steal in return!

ankit bhatia said...


Why are you so interested in knowing I wonder!


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