Jun 8, 2010

I care for the soul within...

I am writing this post just because I am deeply hurt today, some people say that I judge a person by his/her face. What I ever cared for in this world was to analyze the soul of a person, looks are temporary in this world, soul is the permanent thing - it stays with us from the time we are born till we bid goodbye to this mysterious world. I am proud to have made strong friends who do not have good 'faces'(what the world believes is the benchmark). I am also proud that most of them do not fall into high society, the society even if I falled into but I never cared for it, I always made sure simplicity always survived.

I do not understand why do we people mostly apply our cynical part of the brain, we should analyze how a person actually is. For me the three pillars of life are:

1: Truth

2: Equality

3: Care for nature

And I support all the above 3 with a head held high, no regrets what so ever. I know how it might feel when people have no legs and no arms(I have seen people in actual life with both arms and hands missing), and I cry deep within to ask God to give some of my Happiness to him and take some of his sorrows and give it to me in return, still people think I care only for face, so fast we judge! Even as I am an animal lover I do not fantasize to adopt good breeds, I care for street animals and better still animals who suffer or lack something!

People who are close to me know me better, they know what type of thoughts I have and what I want from life but just to make it clear I will also like to state here so that all people who think I am a very selfish person can know what I think like. I want to make a restaurant in life, my dream restaurant. No I am not talking about the usual restaurant but a restaurant by which I want to do social service also, I want to open up a restaurant(restaurant chain in future if successful) in which orphans will serve as a waiter, active ladies from old age homes will cook the food along with prostitutes who want to quit their profession and join the mainstream, I think it might succeed as everyone wants to do social service but hesitate to come and help, a restaurant will remove their hesitation. I also dream to adopt a child(If I marry is the condition!)

Papa brought a sedative as I wasn't falling asleep because of this turmoil but I guess an apology(which I just now got from that person) will serve as a better sedative. As I now am a 'better' mood so I think I should end this post now as the emotions used to continue this post has vanished. And just a message: I think I am true to my heart coz I own a blog where I have guts to share my life openly! :)

Luv Everyone!

Ankit Bhatia

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